Monday, March 22, 2010

The grass is greener

So Sunday I got my big break, a real legitimate lead. Liked the house, wanted more info, ready to move in. This is my big break. Then today, I lost the paper. Literally, put the lead in my pocket and got to the office with no lead. Where'd it go? Who knows. What a way to kill the day. Also nothing a pizza, some beer and a martini with a twist can't fix. Also a new flash. Finally got one that handles E-TTL. After playing with it, its going to make a difference. No more binder paper taped on top of the camera. Yay.

We were watching Bones tonight, about halfway through my Martini (a double) and I heard this PHSST CHUh CHUh CHUh CHUh PHSST sound. Sprinklers. Which water the grass. My new grass. Something I've been missing since I moved out of my Parent's house a few years ago. Amazing what a difference it makes to look out the window and know you don't have the white trash house on the block anymore. So I went outside and ran my hands through it, and it made me happy. Now only if anyone wanted to buy that house.
Also my lovely wife. =D

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