Friday, March 12, 2010

Geeking out the Kitchen

Raspberry Lemon Pancakes, originally uploaded by jpellgen.
As everyone's probably noticed by now, I use my Flickr account to host images for both this blog and Foodies @ Home and it's been a great resource for that. In addition to simple hosting and linking Flickr is a whole community of other photogs, both professional and amateur. One thing I've noticed as I post more food related pictures is how many of mine are missing that extra something. That extra little level of detail or that halo of oozy goodness. Like this picture! Its pictures like this that make me really grumpy when I view my collection, because I just couldn't seem to pull off making food look... edible. Like this:

So I started asking around, trying to see how people made such great looking food pictures. I found entire blogs dedicated to the art of taking pictures of food. Whole discussions on Flickr are focused just on people showing off pictures of their picture set ups and the resulting image. Some really really amazing work there. Made me really think about what kind of photos we wanted in our blog. So I dove headfirst into what my old photo professor taught me about "making pictures" rather than "taking pictures". More lights, more lenses, more angles. Tripods, flashes, computer controllers. I've gone full on geek again. This time in the kitchen. and I think its working too.
This is last nights dinner, and this is whats happened to the kitchen:
Yup our kitchen decor is now "nerd".

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