Monday, March 1, 2010


Last year I made my first foray into the Digital SLR world with a used Canon D60. That's right Canon made a D60 too, way back in 2002, when 6.3 MP cost $2,100. Now a days you can get 6.3 mega-pixels on the bottoms of your shoes for about 10 bucks. Okay, so maybe not that extreme, but still, the D60 was old and lacking in a number of ways for what I wanted to use it for. That is not to say it didn't take great pictures, like this one of SJ Sharkie. It just couldn't produce exactly what I was looking for. Granted my glass set could use some improvement, and a good camera does not make a good photographer, but there were just a few things that weren't working. Difficult white balance controls, no EF-S mount and a low density sensor has been a mounting frustration. It also was produced at that awkward phase in Canon's history where they were solidifying the switch from a film camera company to a digital company, so things like autofocus on film lenses doesn't work. All the little things added up, and convinced me to update. After a lot of looking and reading, I went with a Canon Xti. I've seen a lot of good work done with that body and it had very few complaints, a good match for me. I ordered one about a month ago, factory refurbished. A week later it arrives with a busted memory pin, so back it went. Unfortunately I had also put the D60 up on Ebay while it was en-rout, so I have been in effect camera-less for going on two weeks now. The replacement should be here soon, I'll put up some test shots then.

On a side note, my wife and I have started a new blog about cooking: Foodies@Home

Look for food related topics soon, and check out Foodies@Home for good reads about good eats.

Edit: My refund for the first camera is finally being processed!

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