Thursday, February 25, 2010

Where to go from here

So I started this blog and coined the name The Written Geek back what seems like eons ago. Since then I've seen my life change drastically, from starting a new exciting life in the City doing something creative and slightly nerdy to settling in (IN not DOWN) with my wife in a house and launching a career in Real Estate. The stories of crazy things going on in San Francisco and geeky this and nerdy that just aren't what I'm doing anymore. I haven't even been on thinkgeek in AGES. I still use the TWG handle though and would like to get back to blogging, but can't really come up with a good focus. So for now, is going to be a bit eclectic: some photo work, some real estate stuff maybe some random stuff too. Enjoy! Oh, and visit my friend Nicole on her photoblog.

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